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Being candid while traveling is way more complex than doing it locally, because it is easy for people to spot us as foreigners. We will talk about some important things like Social Skills, and Ethics in order to travel without any trouble and remain as candid as possible. Also remember to make a appropriate research on public laws of the countries you visit, since they may have regulations that prohibit photography in such places.

Best Candid Photography in Lucknow has been almost like a synonym for Street Photography, but for me it goes way further. Being Candid is a way of doing things, and it has a larger scope than Street Photography. This personal opinion and approach to doing things candidly will give you a better understanding of its role in photography.

Candid photos are not just about being extremely sneaky and almost invisible in order to capture things. It is also about getting close to people and being able to be a comfortable person to have around. Being skilled in social terms will allow you to get closer to your subjects, instead of just shooting from a voyeuristic distance. When socializing with people, they’ll obviously know that you are taking pictures, but you need to do things with a different rhythm. The great trick is to get people used to your presence, and then candid images start to bloom.

Also care about people when approaching them, hear their stories, ask them things, give them a good quality time even if that happens just for about ten or fifteen minutes. Keep that care in consideration even when composing your images. When taking photos of homeless people or children, avoid doing them from a high angle point of view, because this will make them appear vulnerable than they really are. On the other hand, a low-angle shot will portray them in a stronger and more human way.

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